A++ Interpreter

Running the A++ Interpreter in Demo Mode

The WEB-based A++ Interpeter is activated in the browser with the following URL: https://www.alpha-bound.de/cgi-bin/appidemo.cgi

Having started the interpreter, the user sees two multi-line text fields which are used for input and output.

The input field can normally be used to key in any A++ code.
In our demo version the input field will be filled by the demo program according to the demo chosen by the user. This pre-defined input consists of two "load" instructions and the invocation of the application's main function.
(A load instruction can be used to retrieve a chunk of A++ code from a specific file in the WWW using the proper URL.)

The output field is used by the application to display all output messages that have been collected during the execution of the program.

After the input field has been filled, in normal mode by keying in any A++ code and in demo mode bye depressing the demo's start button, the user has to hit the 'Evaluate' button.

Run the A++ Interpreter.