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A++ The Smallest Programming Language in the World

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A++ Die kleinste Programmiersprache der Welt

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Programmieren lernen mit A++

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A++ -- An Educational Programming Language:

Author:Georg P. Loczewski
Title:A++ -
Subtitle:The Smallest Programming Language in the World
Edition:1st, 2005
Number of pages:256
Price:29.95 EUR
Date:October 4th, 2004       (presented at the International Book Fair at Frankfurt, Germany, Oct. 6th-10th).


A++ has been developed in 2002 in the context of 'Programmierung pur' [Undiluted Programming] (ISBN 3-87820-108-7) with the purpose to serve as a learning instrument rather than as a programming language used to solve practical problems. A++ is supposed to be an efficient tool to become familiar with the core of programming and with programming patterns that can be applied in other languages needed to face the real world.

Programming in A++ students learn

This book does not only introduce A++ as a language but also covers its implementation in Perl and C including an introduction to these languages using A++ itself.

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